Installations & Upgrades

Radiation protection systems and supervisors - installing and upgrading studies

In the fields related to nuclear medicine and industrial radiography, we design or upgrade radiation protection and safety devices, in compliance with regulations

Main steps are described hereafter:

In case of upgrading of your system, a Diagnostic Step is necessary.

Diagnostic step:

  • Precise description of the existing system
  • List of identified non-conformities
  • List of reusable devices

Preliminary draft step:

  • Functional analysis
  • Technical note of proposed work
  • Estimated planning
  • Estimated budget (+/- 20%)

Project step:

  • Detailed drawings and technical descriptions
  • Detailed estimated planning
  • Estimated budget (+/- 10%)

Tender step:

  • List of companies to be consulted
  • Bids analysis report
  • Financial and technical comparison summary table
  • Recommendation for the selection of the company

Realization step:

  • Attendance to onsite meetings
  • Meeting reports

Acceptance Test step:

  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Non-conformities follow-up
  • Checking of Executed Works File